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How to submit your work

These guidelines are designed to assist you and your editor to get your work into a good, legible format, compatible with current industry standards. Be sure to read these guidelines thoroughly and contact us if you have any questions about writer's assistance or publishing.


Manuscript submission requirements

  1. All manuscripts must be a single, text-only MSWord document.

  2. Do not use any graphics, formatting, style or design tools at this stage, as our editing may disrupt the style and cause you unnecessary reworking.

  3. Use your computer’s default settings for font and A4 page size and select 1.5 line spacing. Insert page numbers and use CTRL+ENTER (or Insert/Break/Page Break on a Mac) to insert a page break before each new chapter or section.

  4. The first page of your manuscript should be a cover sheet with the following:
    – title of the work
    – your copyright (© followed by your name and year of creation) and
    – your contact details.

  5. Include a brief synopsis of the work (up to 400 words) with a brief statement describing:
    – the target audience for the work (up to 250 words)
    – a writer’s bio (up to 200 words, including any special qualifications you have for writing the work, if applicable).

  6. Email your manuscript file as an MSWord attachment to our email address.

  7. Assessment reports are not to be published without our approval and quotes and/or extracts must not be used out of context. Only a report in its entirety may be sent with a manuscript as a submission to a publisher and/or literary agent.

  8. Christine Nagel Literary Services reserves the right to return manuscripts and payment at its sole discretion without further correspondence.

  9. Although an assessment will contain advice on editing (where appropriate), editing of the manuscript is not provided as part of an assessment.

  10. Anonymity: Names of assessors will remain anonymous at all times.

  11. Authors may use a pseudonym. To ensure the objectivity of the assessment, the author’s true name should not appear on the manuscript proper, except for the cover sheet (which shall be retained at the Christine Nagel Literary Services office).

  12. Authors who submit material with their true name in a header or footer will be deemed to have waived their right to anonymity.

  13. Authors must retain a copy of their work as its security remains their responsibility.

  14. Assessments will not proceed before Christine Nagel Literary Services receives:
    – a completed Contract of Service Agreement and
    – payment has been processed.

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