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Editing services are available for all genres.


Structural/substantive editing offers suggestions for substantial reorganisation to aid logical flow and readability, in consultation with the author. Also described as a developmental edit, this is a ‘macro’ style of editing that looks at the overall composition of the manuscript.

Line editing is copy editing on steroids. It does more than correct grammar and spelling, etc. and offers rewriting or suggests additions or deletions to improve the flow and readability of the work.


Copyediting corrects spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and syntax. This is a ‘micro’ edit that deals with the ‘mechanical’ aspects of the work.


Proofreading happens after the final copy edit and typesetting, and just before the work is sent to the printer or e-publisher, to ensure the work is ready to go. This is the last chance to correct any errors or to take in any last-minute changes before printing.


Estimates for each service are individually calculated, as each manuscript is unique.


Only electronic copy is accepted for editing services.

Manuscript Assessment


Assessments are designed to assist aspiring writers or those working in an unfamiliar genre to develop skills and improve the publishability of their work.


The assessment service provides: 

• a selected editing of the work

• a thorough reading

• a fully detailed written critique.


Most types of manuscript can be assessed, including, non-fiction, memoir, biography, fiction, children's stories, poetry, and self-help works.


Aspects of the writing’s strengths and weaknesses, technical advice, characters, construction, plot, dialogue, style and points of view are discussed with, where possible, some suggestions that the author might like to consider to improve the work.


The commercial viability of the work is also considered, taking into account current market trends and publishers’ requirements.


The assessment includes a full written report from a professional assessor. Our assessors are experienced professional editors and published writers.


All manuscripts should be submitted according to our guidelines. See our How to submit page.



Many possibilities exist to have your family history, memoir or poetry collection (for example) put into book form where commercial publishing options are not viable.


This option is funded entirely by the author but the process can be confusing to inexperienced self-publishers.


Our project management services can take a manuscript through to publication, including manuscript editing, proof reading, legal requirements, ISB numbering, and lodgement of library copies.

We can also format your manuscript ready for your designer to typeset, and provide a comprehensive design brief for the designer.


Rates for this service will depend on many variables and a consultation should be arranged to explore the available choices.


Distribution and sales services are not offered.

All manuscripts should be submitted according to our guidelines. See our How to submit page.

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