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What our clients say about us

Peter G Williams

'As an indie author, over the past several years I have very much appreciated and enjoyed the absolute professionalism of my editor Christine Nagel, as I strive to develop a best selling crime/adventure series of novels. During the editorial process of the first book Tracks to Exile and editing the second novel Tracks of the Purple Camel, I have learned so much thanks to the expertise and at times brutal honesty of Chris. Chris tells it like it is and I have learned to accept her world view and direct critical appreciation of my draft manuscripts. At the same time, as the author, I can argue the appropriateness of this passage or that until we both are satisfied that it adds to the storyline. As I move on to book eight of my series, I look forward to continuing my literary relationship with Christine Nagel, certain that in the end, the product that results is as good as it possibly could be.'

Rosemary Macindoe

Rosemary Macindoe is a creative thinker, a writer and artist.


'The Toorak Jackpot is the first comic novella I wrote  to pay tribute to my late parents; Jock and Diana. Jock spent his life living in Toorak and served in the Australian Army in the 2nd World War. I had so much fun writing it I am about to sit down and write another novella. This one is called The Parkville Crackpot, and will be about Parkville in Melbourne, Australia. I very much enjoyed working with Christine who I found flexible, supportive and thorough. I would highly recommend Christine as an editor.'

Lesley Maxwell

Fitness guru and author of Training to Train, plus many fitness related articles.


'Christine Nagel is a true professional in her field. We seemed to gel straight away as she always has a knack of understanding and helping me portray exactly what I want in my writing. Christine has a great sense of humour plus a sixth sense as she sometimes just knows when to call or message me. Christine has amazing writing skills and is easy to work with. I have other projects I’m working on and will be delighted  and have no hesitation to work with Christine in the future.' 

Felicity Young

Author of A Certain Malice, An Easeful Death, Harum Scarum, Take Out, A Dissection of Murder, Antidote to Murder, The Anatomy of Death, The Scent of Murder, Tooth and Claw (pending).
Available from bookstores


'Without Christine Nagel's mentoring, assessment and editing skills I would probably never have been given my first break in the publishing world. She has helped me in varying degrees with every manuscript since.'

Hanifa Deen

Author of Caravanserai, Broken Bangles, On the Trail of Taslima, The Jihad Seminar.


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'Christine Nagel is a consummate professional who understands all facets of the publishing industry: manuscript assessment, editing and production. Emerging writers especially would find her professional services, advice and mentoring invaluable. She is highly respected by those of us working in the field.'

Ryn Shell

Author of the Dreaming Billabong series. Available from:


'With Christine Nagel, I found an editor I could trust, and I turned Billabong Ghost over to her.


Shortly after publishing, following a clean edit by Christine Nagel, Billabong Ghost entered the Kindle top-100 list in its genre and it has stayed there consistently, three weeks later.


I often read that authors need to engage an editor to work on their manuscript. I disagree. I believe you need to engage a qualified editor, and that is not the same thing; nor is it easy to find one in this era of online business where almost anyone can call themselves an editor—not all of them will be of the standard a writer demands for their work. I tried more than half a dozen editors before finding Christine and, following a sample edit, I knew I could trust her to take over from me for that important final edit. Her work saved me time and gave me the confidence to stop rewriting and accept my manuscript was completed: something I could not do on my own.'

Patricia L. O’Neill

Author of Her Majesty the King, The Horus Throne, The Eye of Re. Available from bookstores.


'No one can whip a writer into shape faster than Christine Nagel. Her skills as an editor and manuscript assessor are top-notch, but what really shines is her ability to define a writer’s goals and then show how to attain them. She has a very keen instinct for what is commercially viable—and what is not.


'I began working with Christine nearly twenty years ago when I was a raw novice bursting with ideas and a lot of hot air. Within the writers’ group that Christine mentored, she helped my style and technique to mature, but most importantly, she showed us all what it meant to be a writer. Under her guidance, my writing began to win awards and sell. With her encouragement and advice, my debut novel, Her Majesty the King, won the 2008 NSW Writers’ Centre Genre Fiction Award, launching me into a successful career as a novelist and science writer.'

TW Lawless

Author of Homecountry. Available from: And from:

'A big thank you to Christine Nagel for making the editing process as painless as possible. She helped me turn my first novel, Homecountry, from an optimistic, unfit amateur into a fit, hard-hitting heavyweight.'

Karina Carrel

Author of Liberation—Breaking the Chains to Survival and Freedom

Available from:


'Christine Nagel's editing services not only corrected my project in all aspects of punctuation and grammar, but also added an extra level of professionalism I needed to publish my book. Christine completely transformed my work to be something of a masterpiece that I am now incredibly proud of.


'Keeping all lines of communication open through the entire process was so important to me for the best possible outcome that now has become an incredible book.


'Thank you, Christine, for sharing your talent, dedication and skills for my project. I am really looking forward to working with you again on my next book!'

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